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Rick Springfeild Fan Club

Non-Stop Crotch Chops

7/23/11 08:33 am - Nirto Circus reruns are great.

I had something to say and then that Black eyed Peas song tonight’s going to be a good night came on the tv and a literal gut wrenching rage and balled fist of anger persisted and my train of thought was derailed.

I think I was going to say something about how there seems to be a lot of fake lesbianism on tv, in photos and music video. Why isn't there any fake dyke-ism? That sound like a terrible point to make so that is probably what I was going to write. I think the bigger point is we just got cable back Wednesday a haven't seen, ah never mind. Guess what I think MTV sucks and I'm bitter so same as it ever was.




6/21/11 10:11 pm - Two new T shirt more to come.



Bad things too come my top hair is now shorter than my beard hair and that always spells trouble.


10/25/10 11:51 pm - Two new Mark's join the Smith family

Can you find them?


10/13/10 04:55 am - Boring for Bryon.


9/2/10 07:30 pm

This guys website is not sarcastic enough.

I've been watching way to many 80's rock video.  Thanks Youtube.


7/23/10 01:50 am - Things my Grandpa tought me.

Throw your watermelon in the river to cool it off.

Never camp at any campsite you have to pay for.

Walnuts are gross.

Dogs rule.

The lyrics to.


Never, I mean never ever put your finger in another mans hole.


5/2/08 01:53 pm - Cut the music

So lets just say you go to wrestling school and you do about 100 times better than you thought you were going to do.  The only thing you have the slightest bit of trouble with is corner turn buckles, but that is it.   You and your brother are picking things faster than the chumps that have been there for at least 2 months, infact those guy both hurt each other and them selfs.  Also one of those chumps punches you in the face when he messes up and irish whip, but your work with one of their pros and he even comments about  the bumps your taking at 350lbs and is very impressed by you and your bro.   You have 4 inch wide foot long bruises across your shoulders, kidneys and buttcheeks, but you cant wait for more.   Then you find out you have to take a week off because the ring will be out of town this weekend.

Great you get an extra week off and you get the gym because cardio counts.  Then when you hit the gym you find out that you don't  weigh 350lbs. you way 435lbs. and your pissed for about a week.  Then your pumped because your realize that all that stuff that was said about you doing great for a 350lb man makes you think that for a 435lb guy you had to be doing even better so you can't wait to get back into the ring.

Then you find out 2 day after you stop sulking that your wrestling teacher has been kicked out of the building that you where training in and possible out of the territory.  You also find out that moving to portland was a fools mistake because your brother worked less and
made more.   You had a job that was easy as hell and a dog that ruled and the space to let him run.

Well that is how this is going for anyone that wanted to know.


11/14/07 06:22 pm - I'm dropping this blog for a money making player who aint with us no more.

Updating without photoshop is a lot less fun.
Like DDP in a movie or attacked by DDT not the chemical.


11/1/07 12:43 pm - I Be-Queef apon you a Update

So I actually have been "Working Out!" Lately. Joe
Also I hate your art books Joe.
Boo the photoshop I can't get it to work.
New Hellsing Ultimate is good also I downloaded a bunch more Shoots.
By the way Dexter rules.


6/5/07 11:03 pm - F-You and your cat, Ernest Miller

Hey wanker you got three seconds to shut that off or the Superfly Trio is gonna kick your ass.

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